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Kim Lee - Vancouver Realtor

May 17

An experienced Vancouver realtor can assist in helping you purchase your ideal home.


Asking questions will help you assess whether you have the ideal Vancouver realtor for you. Don't just hire any real estate agent with a license. Ask these specific questions so you can determine whether they are truly suitable or not.

1. How much experience do you have as a real estate agent?

Once a realtor has been in the real estate business for an extended period, how long they worked as an agent becomes less significant. 

The realtor should be current on the Vancouver real estate market. They should be knowledgeable in assessing the value of your home and have strategies available to market your property and eventually negotiate well on your behalf.

An experienced real estate professional will have access to an expansive network of mortgage lenders and home inspectors.


2. Which property types do you specialize in?

Each real estate professional has their own preferences in their approach to real estate sales and buying. Some may specialize in luxury real estate or act as seller's agents rather than working for buyers, while others enjoy working with newcomers to the market.

Choose an agent who will meet your needs best. If a realtor only specializes in selling studio apartments in Chilliwack, they likely are not suitable to represent the sale of a four-bedroom luxury property in Downtown Vancouver.


3. How often have you assisted with home purchases/sales in this neighborhood?

Your real estate agent should have extensive knowledge of the neighborhoods where you wish to buy or sell real estate.

4. Full-time or Part-time Realtor?

Some realtors work part-time. They won't be as flexible with their schedule and you may have to work around their availability.

Full-time realtors prioritize their clients and would have more time to be available for their clients.  

As your free time is likely limited during the workweek, avoiding realtors who can only accommodate you on weekends is also recommended.


5. Do You Own a Site?

Websites have become the new business cards, and they serve as realtors' portfolios or resumes, sometimes even as virtual storefronts.

Websites vary significantly in quality. A website should provide all the information you require and demonstrate they take their work seriously.


If you are looking for a dedicated Vancouver real estate agent with a proven record of delivering for her clients, contact Kim Lee. 


Kim Lee - Vancouver realtor
400-1286 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2Y5