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Bathroom Renovation in Burnaby

May 15

Quality tiles can create luxurious looks in bathrooms while providing functionality that will outlive its initial use. Finding the suitable tiles for your bathroom remodel project is key to its success - creating the right ambiance while standing the test of time. Some tiles may be better suited than others for use in bathroom environments. Check out how to select suitable ones for shower walls and floors to enhance this area of your bathroom renovation project.

Design and Function
Bathroom tiles serve more than aesthetic purposes. They protect against water damage in high-traffic bathrooms where moisture build-up is likely. Furthermore, tile designs add color and features such as vibrant hues or unique textures that complement their surroundings.

How to Select Shower Floor Tiles

Water resistance, protection and matching the tiles with other elements in the space are key considerations when selecting tiles for your floor. Affordability should also be factored in. 

Shower Floor Ceramic Tiling
Ceramic tile is an attractive choice for shower floors due to its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and unique glaze that resists slipperiness and water absorption. Ceramic tiles with this protection help keep wet areas free of scratches or stains, keeping them safe. Ceramic tiles also come in various designs which complement any decor aesthetically.

Porcelain Tiles on a Shower Floor

Dense and hard porcelain tile makes an excellent choice for shower floors. Its superior water resistance makes porcelain a perfect choice when selecting shower flooring options, similar to ceramic. Porcelain should be professionally glazed like its ceramic counterparts to guarantee waterproof and slip-proof surfaces. Although porcelain tiles may be costly, they make excellent choices for bathroom remodel projects. Many high-end bathrooms have installed these luxurious tiles due to their functional yet aesthetic qualities.

How to Select Tiles for Backsplashes and Shower Walls

Ceramic and porcelain tiles make an excellent choice for shower walls as they are waterproof and slippage-proof with the appropriate glaze. There are more ways for homeowners to personalize their shower experience by choosing tiles in various sizes, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Experience a spa-like feel with natural stone tile flooring.

Popular trends involve pairing complementary tiles colors together for a more natural aesthetic. Materials like quartz, travertine and marble can be used in wet environments with proper sealing; however, they are expensive. While more slippery tiles might make the shower surface slippery more quickly, a luxurious and modern appearance is achieved through these tiles that offer elegant visuals and luxurious surfaces.

Glass tiles make stunning accent pieces in bathroom showers and backsplashes

Glass tiles make an elegant addition to the bathroom, as they are non-slippery, water-resistant, and durable. Plus, their beautiful aesthetic transforms any shower space into an airier atmosphere bringing light and airiness into any room. While more costly, their timeless elegance adds unique style, while their distinctive shapes can bring an artistic element that will add creative flare.


Finding the appropriate bathroom renovation team

Success for any shower renovation involving new walls and floors hinges on finding the ideal team. Consult professional contractors from Vancouver who possesses both experience and the credentials needed to complete this job correctly, and compare costs and terms among several contractors before selecting one whom you feel most confident will deliver what is promised.

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