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Irrigation in Vancouver

May 5

Are you in Vancouver and searching for an irrigation company with an established track record? At Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler, we aim to offer excellent services at competitive rates for businesses and homeowners alike. Contact us now for more information!

Experts in Greater Vancouver provide Sprinkler and Irrigation Services

Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler provides both residential and commercial irrigation systems in Vancouver and lawn irrigation services to keep landscapes watered during our hot, dry summers. Various lawn irrigation experts offer these services - we at Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler provide them all!

As every landscaping needs differ, we tailor our services to meet them. You can rely on us for everything from water sprinkler Vancouver installation and repair lawn maintenance services such as mowing, edging and fertilizing, and lawn mowing to keep your landscape looking amazing!

  • Residential
    We Provide Residential Irrigation, and Sprinkler in Greater Vancouver as an ideal solution for residential irrigation and sprinkling needs.
  • Commercial
    Commercial water sprinkler and irrigation services are essential to any business with large lawns or that needs to water an area.
  • Spring Start-Up
    Spring Start-Up can help to ensure the optimal operation of your irrigation and sprinkler systems after a long, cold winter.
  • Design and Installation
    Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler, a professional landscaping lighting company, provides design and installation services for irrigation or Sprinkler systems.
  • Winterization
    Winterizing an irrigation system means safeguarding it against the cold by disabling power, closing valves and draining excess water before closing its system for good.
  • Repair Services
    Always consult a reliable professional for repairs on your sprinkler or irrigation system.
  • Backflow Testing
    Backflow testing ensures that water entering municipal systems remains undisturbed and uncontaminated.
  • Landscape Lighting
    Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler provides exceptional landscape lighting services throughout Greater Vancouver. Thanks to our expertise, we can design an eye-catching yet safe lighting show on your property.

Maintain Your Garden For An Awesome Year-Round Appearance

Our irrigation and sprinkler services can help your garden look incredible all year. By installing an irrigation and sprinkler system, your plants will get access to sufficient moisture. Outdoor lighting also creates an inviting ambiance while adding security and safety measures.

Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler strives to offer our customers only the highest-quality irrigation and sprinkler services. Installation options include irrigation, sprinklers and outdoor lighting systems, and maintenance services and repairs for these systems.


Why do you require Irrigation Services and Lawn Sprinklers in Greater Vancouver?

Like many, lawn irrigation systems may seem like an unnecessary luxury. Although they add convenience and comfort, their main goal should be keeping grass healthy and beautiful.

Greater Vancouver may face an exceptionally hot and dry summer, making the lawn vulnerable without an adequate irrigation system. Using the appropriate system, your grass can remain lush and green all season!

A beautiful lawn will add curb appeal to your home and act as natural insulation and keep the temperature comfortable in both summer and winter.


Reach Out Now

At Solid Vancouver Irrigation and Sprinkler, we install sprinklers and irrigation systems on commercial and residential properties. With a selection of products tailored to fit any need or lifestyle, our professionals are on hand from design through installation for maximum convenience.

Your satisfaction with our service will be unquestionable, as we are reliable, affordable and offer exceptional quality. With such a service, it should be easy to choose us for your property. Our team takes great care in designing and installing - leaving only relaxation for you to worry about!

Contact us now and learn more about our irrigation services!

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